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Cleaning Supplies in Oakland

At Montclair Village Hardware, we pride ourselves on being your local community's hardware store. We don't just have the stuff you need for working on your house; we also have the stuff you need to keep it looking its best, which is why you should turn to us when you need cleaning supplies. Our shop is a proud supplier of the Bona brand of cleaning supplies because we want your home to be at its best.

From the bathroom to the bedroom, we have what you need to keep everything sparkling. Whether you have hardwood floors or tile, our specialty cleaners do the job right the first time and leave your home looking like a million bucks. We even have furniture polishes and microfiber pads to keep every surface in your home looking perfect.

Whether you need liquid plumber, hair clog cleaner, window cleaner, or simply towels and rags, our shop has what you are looking for. Stop by today and pay your local hardware store a visit.